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Drawing Club


Drawing Club is a joyful, immersive adventure into the magic world of story. Through sharing our delight in books, tales and TV cartoons from the past, Drawing Club tips our children into the Imagined World as well as a abundant richness of delicious words and the alchemy of picking up a pen to bring imaginations to life. 


We believe in the Unique Child - one of the central foundations of the statutory EYFS - which is why every child’s adventure into Drawing Club is personal and individual. It’s why you won’t see generic ‘learning objectives’ in this book because that goes against the authentic child and the one thing that Drawing Club speaks to life: the soul. 

Within the pages of this books, the soul of the child is what you’ll see: full of joy, confidence and the teacher’s companionship with them.


Drawing Club wants children to thrive within the magic of story. When they write, children are immersing in the delight of codes - they don’t write to explain or describe, they write to make something magical happen to their drawing. This liberates them to write about anything with the adult supporting them with intentional next steps - this means that all children write at the cusp of confidence, pulled in by the energy of the teacher.