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Any absence from school is disruptive. However, an extended holiday has a larger impact on our children than initially imagined by parents. Several issues disrupt not only learning but social issues too. 


Children come to school to learn from their teacher. While work can be provided for our children, this can only be revision work as direct teacher input is necessary for children to learn and be supported. Often work is not completed while away which also has an impact and children return to school further behind than when they went away. 


Gaps in learning as a result of absences cannot always be rapidly fully closed. It takes considerable time for children to make up their learning. They also feel frustrated as their peers are further ahead and understand the missed concepts. This can cause the children to become disheartened and often influences their efforts as a result. 


Friendship groups shift while children are absent for any length of time. Children learn – quite rightly – to join others and share their time with a different set of children. Therefore, when a child returns it can be upsetting for them to adjust to this fact. Friendship problems can occur and again it takes time for this to settle down following an extended absence. 


School is routine. Children thrive within this routine and feel secure. Upon returning from extended holiday, children take some time to adjust as their routine has been missing while away. Again, this takes time and therefore impacts on their ability to be fully ready to learn. 


Children often return to school tired following an extended holiday and sometimes become poorly as a result. Further absences then occur and again this impacts on learning. 




In order for our children to achieve their best, while we understand the financial reasons for doing so, we ask that our parents fully consider the impact extended holidays in term time have on their children. Parents have chosen to take their children away for a few days which lessens the impact dramatically. When extended holidays are for weeks at a time - this has a dramatic and long lasting impact on children’s ability to catch up on missed learning – sometimes it can take more than a year for the gaps to be closed.


Please try to think before booking an extended holiday, consider the timing of the holiday, its length and the year group your child is in. Also do please fully take into account the impact described above. We seek to work with parents and school always has the best interests of your child at heart.



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