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At Bolton-by-Bowland we follow the Charanga scheme of work to deliver our music lessons. This ensures consistency across the whole primary phase and allows children to build on their skills from year-to-year. We are committed to providing opportunities for all children to compose, perform, appreciate and experience music from across the musical spectrum.


We want our children to flourish under the guidance of enthusiastic and creative teachers and to have the chance to excel in this exciting subject. Above all, we want our children to discover a joy and passion for music that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


At Bolton-by-Bowland, we aim to:

- Nurture and encourage musical talent

- Teach key technical knowledge and skills such as singing, listening, composing, performing, musical history and other musical elements

- Expose the children to a comprehensive musical vocabulary and terminology

- Support our children in learning how to play a musical instrument and to provide opportunities to perform

- Foster an appreciation of music as well as an ability to analyse and evaluate music from across a range of genres, styles, traditions and historical periods

- Enhance the music curriculum with an array of extra-curricular opportunities including choir and performances