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Art and Design

Art at Bolton-by-Bowland Primary School


Curriculum Intent


Art gives children an opportunity to present their sense of vision through observation, experimentation and illustration. Children are encouraged to use their imagination through a wide variety of media such as pencil, crayon, ink, fabric, wood, clay, paper and plasticine.


Art and Design


Art and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. The curriculum at Bolton-By-Bowland is structured to provide each child with the opportunity to experience it in all its forms and media and to develop a broad range of skills so that they can create their own effective and visually-pleasing end products.


The art and design curriculum is divided into six strands – drawing, painting, printing, 3D/Sculpture, collage, artistic study with sketchbooks introduced in Key Stage Two. Key skills have been identified in each strand and progress has been planned for across each key stage within each strand. These are detailed in the art and design progression document.  The teachers use resources from a range of textbooks and websites as well as their own subject knowledge to plan and deliver these lessons.