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At Bolton-by-Bowland, our aim is to provide all children with a rich and engaging mathematics curriculum that allows them to become confident and inquisitive mathematicians. We want all of our pupils to develop the ability to reason mathematically and recall and apply knowledge accurately. 


We use White Rose Maths as our framework for teaching maths. This scheme provides our staff with comprehensive planning and resources to ensure all children are able to learn and progress at their own pace. We use the White Rose Maths workbooks to allow the children to apply their mathematical knowledge to a range of question types. Our children also use Times Tables Rockstars as a tool to support their rapid recall of multiplication and division facts. 


Our mathematics curriculum aims to:

  • Develop fluency of number facts such as number bonds, times tables facts and the four operations;
  • Allow all children to calculate mentally;
  • Allow all children to calculate accurately using efficient written methods;
  • Fully engage all learners who are able to reason and use correct mathematical vocabulary accurately and effectively;
  • Provide opportunities for all children to think, reason, explain and apply their knowledge to solve problems;
  • Develop a deep understanding of the key mathematical concepts that are needed to underpin all future learning;
  • Deliver lessons through whole-class interactive teaching which allows all to master the concepts necessary for the next step in the curriculum sequence;
  • Deliver a coherent sequence of learning that builds on their existing knowledge and supports sustained progress over time;
  • Show a clear progression of learning across both key stages;
  • Support all staff in continually developing their own specialist knowledge through the use of CPD and engagement with the Maths Hub;
  • Create a sense of enjoyment for all through the teaching and learning of mathematics;
  • Nurture the learning of all children through adaptive teaching and resources to ensure all children at Bolton-by-Bowland achieve.