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We have created a unique curriculum tailored to meet the needs of our mixed-aged classes to ensure that all children have the chance to build on their historical knowledge and skills progressively throughout their primary journey. 


Our history curriculum was developed to:


  • spark children’s curiosity about the past through investigative and enquiry based learning opportunities.
  • allow the children to develop a deep-rooted understanding of history in their local area which will then be broadened to consider the impact of historical periods in Britain and then in the wider world.
  • teach key historical concepts such as change and chronology, interpreting sources and using historical evidence to impart knowledge.
  • equip pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement.
  • inspire the children to develop an interest in and appreciation of human achievements and aspirations.
  • enable pupils to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time.
  • develop our pupil's cultural awareness as well as gaining historical perspective by placing their growing knowledge into different contexts.
  • provide a rich array of enrichment activities including visits to historical sites and historical workshops
  • encourage the children to make links to our wider curriculum with a view to building our children's schema of knowledge.