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At Bolton-by-Bowland, we have mapped out key objectives for each year group using the National Curriculum and Lancashire Planning Key Learning Document for Geography. By doing this, we are able to ensure that all children are being taught a wide range of skills and knowledge over each school year. Their knowledge and skills are built on across each Key Stage allowing our children to leave Bolton-by-Bowland with a rich understanding of the world around them.


Each unit of work has been given an open-ended question to spark a sense of interest and intrigue in all of our learners. We map out our lessons to ensure targeted objectives are met to give the children enough key knowledge to answer the overarching question for the unit of work at the end of the half term.


At Bolton-by-Bowland we incorporate a variety of teaching structures within our Geography lessons such as:

  • Outlining at the start of each lesson what we want the children to know by the end of the lesson;
  • Recapping at the start of each lesson the key skills learnt in previous lessons to support retention of knowledge and skills;
  • An explicit teaching of key geographical vocabulary at the start of each lesson;
  • Making links to the wider curriculum to encourage the retention of knowledge and skills;
  • Continuous monitoring of learning through live marking, pupil voice and book looks to ensure all children are accessing the learning at the right level;
  • Pre-planning opportunities for the children to visit sites of geographical interest;
  • Adapting teaching through use of questioning, resources and differentiated activities to ensure all children can learn and progress effectively.