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How we teach Reading




We are passionate about children learning to read at Bolton by Bowland Church of England Primary school. We were part of the 'We Are Reading' initiative being run by Lancashire County Council but still advocate that sentiment. 


Over the possible eight years that your child is in our care we aim for them to develop a love of reading and books so that they move from learning to read to reading to learn – and reading purely for enjoyment too!


We use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme in EYFS and Key Stage 1 that are linked to their phonics phases and are decodable up to Y2, move onto Collins Big Cat scheme and then become free readers enjoying the choice of 100 books a child should read before they leave Year 6.


Children are provided with a school book bag they can take home and read their decodable/pleasurable reading books at home with parents or other family members. The more they can do at home the greater interest and knowledge they will gain.


Earlier in your child's time at school they will be listened to on a daily basis and encouraged to change their own books on a regular basis.


As they progress through school they will encounter more challenging and lengthier books they can really get their teeth into.


A useful video to watch on how to read with your child at home can be viewed by clicking the link below.


Reading Areas


All classes in school have reading areas where children can go to enjoy reading a book, magazine or newspaper.


Here are some pictures of the reading and reflection areas in EYFS/KS1





Year 5 & 6 reading challenge


Children in Key Stage 2 are challenged with reading certain books before they leave school.


They must evaluate and recommend them if they like them.



Fantastic Book Awards


Each year the children in Years 5 & 6 take part in the Fantastic Book Awards.


Between October and March they must read 6 additional books, complete lots of different types of work on them and vote for their favourites.


Their votes are counted county wide and the winning authors are invited to a special awards event in April.

I wonder which book will be the favourite this year?


Year 3 & 4 Reading Area


Children in Year 3 & 4 can always pop into Starbooks to catch up on their reading.