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We have started our topic by looking at the first attempts at invasion by the Romans We read a primary source and looked at some artefacts to find out what the Roman and Celtic warriors would look like. We made a battle scene on the wall! Some of our home learners shared some fabulous pictures too! Well done everyone!



Miss Jennings planned a Greek Day. We completed lots of Greek themed activites and even got some edible medals at the end of the day! Thankyou Miss Jennings!!!



We invited Rector Mark to join us at the memorial on the village green. We read poems and said prayers to remember all the soldiers who have died and those that are fighting in wars around the world today.

It was lovely to see Bubble 1 - at a safe distance of course!

We left our poems and prayers tied round the railings of the memorial so please have a look if you are passing. 

Whilst at the memorial we noticed a list of names. We came back to school and researched them. We printed out photos of the soldiers and have hung them round the railings too. We were really surprised and upset to see how young some of them were when they died.






We have been reading extracts from Olaudah Equiano's autobiography. His story is amazing. It made us think very carefully about how we should treat others, no matter where they come from or what colour their skin is.




The Year 3 and 4 children have been looking at the beautiful buildings built by the Greeks nearly 3000 years ago. The Parthenon still stands today. Amazing! We were so impressed with the architecture that we made our own columns out of paper and use different grades of pencils to draw some ionic columns of our own. See if you can spot any modern buildings that have used the Greek column styles on your travels!




This week we researched Alexander the Great. We decided he was a VERY significant historical figure. We read some information written by Diodorus in the 1500s and looked at some of the many images of Alexander.

Ancient Greeks


Today we had a 'Great Debate'. It was lots of fun! Some of us proposed the motion that Aliens came to earth and gave the Ancient Greeks advanced technologies. Some of us opposed this motion! After evaluating sources, looking at evidence and listening to persuasive arguments many of us voted in favour of the alien theory! That WAS a big surprise!